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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Ways to Get More People to Your blog using

You've built you’re your blog in, but you're still waiting for the crowds.

Here are 10 things you can do to get more traffic at your blog and increase the chances you'll get online members - or just get all word visit and comment.

1. Make sure your blog is easy to find, up-to-date, appropriate for the people you want to visit.

2. Make a simple written, just like you would for a new program or event. Who do you want to reach? Who do you know who can help spread the word? What are the best media for reaching your targets?

3.More important make sure you invite your own friends from your email address by going on invite and follow the link to log in and invite all your friends and your friends will do the same to help you get more visitors.

Remember every time you invite your own friend’s bonglob send your blog to your friends email address for free for you to get more visitor every time you update your blog.
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