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Friday, February 25, 2011


 Eyelash extensions are a great way to open up the eyes and really make your makeup pop. The doe eyed look is quite alluring when done correctly, but when done wrong…girl, they are all wrong.

 Do make sure your lashes are secured. Some lashes last longer than others so be sure you only wear them for the duration recommended by the salon.

 Don’t let your lashes overpower your eyes. Be sure they’re cut to fit your eye. Anything too big will make your eyes appear smaller and off-balance.

Do go to have them done in a reputable salon. If the place offering lash extensions also sells hot wings, as convenient (and delicious) as it sounds, run. Be sure to Google for any reviews and ask ladies in your area where they go.

Want to try lashes just for a single night on the town? Here’s some tips on how to do the look at home:
Falsies only look hard to apply. With a little bit of glue and steady fingers, you can have beautiful lashes.
1. First apply mascara to your lashes.
2. Take your fake lashes out of their box and wrap them around your middle finger–this helps to give the band of the lash a bit of a curve similar to your eyelid. You may need to measure the lashes to make sure they aren’t too long for you and cut them as needed.
3. Apply a thin layer of lash glue.  Allow the glue a few seconds to get tacky, but not dry. If your hands are a little shaky, use a pair of tweezers to grip the end of the lashes. You want to make sure the band of the lashes (where you applied the glue) fits in the area where your own lashes meet your eyelid. Smooth the lash down with the flat end of your tweezers and allow the lashes a few minutes to dry.
4. Take an eyelash curler , and gently press down where your fake lashes meet your real lashes and slowly work your way up. This helps to blend the lashes together.
You can apply fake lashes before or after you apply your eye makeup depending on what’s easier for you.
For individual lashes, get a lash adhesive, then:
1. Clean your own lashes with non-oily make-up remover or soap and water.
2. Place a drop of adhesive on a piece of foil. Dip end of lash in adhesive, then place onto your own lashes, close to eyelid. Press gently for a few seconds.
3. Continue same method for each lash used.

Do wear makeup when wearing eyelash extensions. A completely bare face with a dramatic set of lash extensions draws attention to any flaws on the face that makeup could have covered. It’s similar to putting flashy rims on a Pinto

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