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Friday, June 8, 2012



South Africa's president formalized his marriage to his third wife during a traditional ceremony

 Thobeka Madiba-Zuma(the wife of the President of South Africa)

South African President Jacob Zuma dances with his newly wedded wife, Thobeka Madiba, during a traditional Zulu wedding ceremony in Nkandla, South Africa

Zuma, wearing a skirt made of animal fur pelts and sporting bright white tennis shoes, then joined the dance. The bride wore matching sneakers

 Guests dined on traditional Zulu foods, and attendees were told that more than a dozen sheep, goats and cows had been slaughtered for the feast.

 The couple are already married under South African law and have three children.

Some 2,000 guests thronged a homestead in rural KwaZulu-Natal province to watch the ceremony in which 67-year-old President Jacob Zuma and 38-year-old Tobeka Madiba took part.

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