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Thursday, August 8, 2013


And Issa Mnally
eight months after her husband died Kilowoko Juma 'Sajuki' ...

 finally the husband's second staa film brain, Stara week named Ahmed Ethiopia has emerged and demanded that he realizes that staa he still is his wife and wants to raise up his son, who bore him.
For a long time there were reports that concealment had left the man to divorce before married and Sajuki but the emergence him and claims to be still mwanadada that is his wife has generated a great surprise.CLAIMS OF SHI Speaking to this newspaper recently, Ethiopia was opened for the first time that he and concealment were married Muslim in 2000 and gifted to a child of male named Fares.

said: "Legally, it is still my wife that I was divorced once and there zikufika three," said Kushi and claim that his marriage to staa that lasted for a year and a half and breakdown due to dominance and conflicts.

Family that claimed to be more than three times he has been asked reticence to provide him with his son, who by now has attained eight years without success. WHAT TO THIS? magazine you decided plagued by asking why he has emerged this time after Sajuki died and why he appeared to more than Ten years ago? He also asked why he decided to seek fame for abuse? Akaishia remain silent.

After Kushi emergence and Nishu the most controversial, this magazine lilizungumza and concealment where he had this to say:
"As a child, if indeed he had intended to take his son and he knew, then he knows my parents that he would follow the order.
"No same procedure as truly needy son would go to my parents, there are harassing me because he seen weak after the death of my husband Sajuki.
"Just not what is harassing me? Allow me not to use my name to find fame in kunichafua. every day
I beg him to stop because it increases pain upon pain. "
Regarding allegations that it is still his wife, reticence, she cried: "This man had all the time where I was and Sajuki? Why did not emerge alive when my husband? I know he uses the criterion of leaving Sajuki persecuted me, but God knows. "
IS TRUE Scored Marriage and Mash?
Despite lamented in front explain whether he ever get married and Ethiopia, Stara said: "I do not want to speak someone, I ask people to be merciful to me, should not use the criterion of loss Sajuki harassing me. "
lords I resist Shi
This magazine is likuishia there, lilimtafuta sheikh of the mosque of Nuur of magomeni-bins in Dar, Juma Simba to get clarification on divorce one where he opposed Kushi to say that legal Stara not his wife anymore.
"Give away one no reason to continue to be his wife until today, the law states that Cush had to reference concealment before three months have passed since she gave him away, "he said, insisting that the marriage ilishakufa.
Initially it was argued that concealment had been married twice before getting married and staa another film, Sajuki.
marriage first of concealment was ratified in 1998 and Juma Pemba who was fortunate enough to get him one son named Samir.
Sajuki was the husband of three to Stara who also was fortunate enough to get one baby girl named Farheen.

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