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Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Form One student in high school Marangu owned by the Catholic church province Moshi, (name withheld) and kukufungiwa captured on one of the tourist hotels in town and subjected to sexual acts for four consecutive days.

The student allegedly abducted on August 6 this year and a young man (name linahifadhiwa) an employee of a company mobile phone (Airtel) in Dodoma.

Speaking yesterday and Tanzania Daima Wednesday, the student's brother, Joseph Temba, his brother claimed he was abducted by a man already accused has been arrested.

He said they managed to arrest the defendant on August 10, this year, in a bar with his brother after good citizens to report their appearance.

According to the brother of the disciple on occasion he received a call from the overseer of the students (matroni) bwenini absence was informed by his brother and then they began tracking and reporting central police station in Moshi and assigned a number Mos/RB/9196/2013.

The next day, August seven in the evening they received a call from the people around them informed presence in the hotel his brother but after arriving they refused to see the guest book to view the list of names of visitors who come there to ascertaining the defendant was present there.

However, he said the evening of August 10, they received information that the suspect appeared to bars with his brother and inform the police and arrest finally succeed where so far he is still questioned by police.

Source of the capture of the student is telecommunications between captor and the student where the accused allegedly lure the disciples to drop out and that he sought opportunity in the biggest international school.

It is alleged that the disciple that he agreed with the propaganda and from school the evening of August 6 and followed the suspect in his car and go with him to smoke in the distance of 50 kilomteta from high school Marangu.

Police commander Kilimanjaro, Robert Boaz, said no information to capture what the student claimed he had busy professional responsibilities in Arusha and pledged to follow up later.

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