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Friday, August 2, 2013

karibu nyumbani kwa kikwete ule futarii

Artists from far and broadcasters had invited palace Dar, for kuftari and Hon President with family yake.mara after kuftari Hon Kikwete spoke two or three including encouraging artists to develop art for even she likes to listen to their music
Dj Mully B

Jafarai and Inspector Haroon
Qchief and Babu Tale 
Mwasiti, Fetty and Shilole
Chege, Nyandu collector and Madee
Kassim Physician
Adama Mchomvu
Ben Pol (second from right)
Linex (first right)
Looking good Mashallah, TID, Jafarai and Z Anto
Elder spiteful, Suma Lee
it did not miss him hahaa Mbwiga
AY Shaikh and Ali Kiba
Marlow and Sam Sago
Feruz and Fela
Lamar and P Funk
Quick as not he loooool 
Hemedi Phd
Adama Week
Dogo Asley
King Crazy GK

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