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Wednesday, June 12, 2013 to sell shares at $12, values company at $84bn for Africa  will officially begin trading at $12 (£14) per share on november 2013  in what will be the biggest IPO ever from an internet company from Tanzania east Africa.

After a very short time of the social network to be online it have come to attention that the site have over 2 million user in a day and new members over 3000 per day. This have come to attention Mr James Obedi
 the CEO of bonglob company being contacted by the big leading company GOOGLE that the want to buy his site for £2.5 million and Mr.James  has refuse the offer and reveal that he want to sell his company into shares which he think it will boost africa advertisement and the growth of the Africans business
The CEO himself, who founded the company in his house in reading united kingdom, is expected to become an instant billionaire, selling over 10m shares to net over $1bn (£300m).
The $12 shares, which will be available to buy to the public, will see the company valued at a staggering $84 billion (£33bn) overall, with $31 (£41bn) market capitalisation.

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