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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Husband hacks to death wife, two sons

POLICE in Mpanda district in the newly formed Katavi region are looking for a Mamba villager Meza Kapwikwi (45), for allegedly hacking to death his wife and two sons. 

It was alleged that the suspect allegedly used a sharp object to hack to death three members of his family on Saturday night, last week, shortly after mid night at Mamba village in the district. 

The Rukwa Regional Police Commander (RPC), Isuto Mantage named the trio deceased as Christina Sokoni (23), a wife of the suspect and two children who were identified as Issack Kipwikwi (8), a Standard One pupil at Mamba Primary School and Tulive Kapwikwi (6). 

They were murdered while they were asleep at their family’s house. Narrating the grisly incident, Mr Mantage said while all members of the family were asleep in their house, the suspect woke up while armed with a sharp object. 

He is allegedly attacked first his wife and later used the same object to kill his two sons. Then the suspect used the already blood stained object and beheaded his two sons who were asleep in their rooms and the suspect escaped from the scene immediately after he had committed the crime and he is still at large.

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